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  • Electrifying Peachtree Corners

    Electrifying Peachtree Corners
    City offering community incentives on EV chargers

    PEACHTREE CORNERS, GA, July 9, 2021 – This year is turning into a pivotal one for electric vehicle sales as numbers of EVs sold have increased substantially over previous years. For Peachtree Corners residents and business owners in the market for an EV, it also means researching and deciding among the myriad of choices of EV chargers which can be overwhelming.

    To assist the community, a dedicated website, “Electrifying Peachtree Corners,” has been developed to provide a guide through charging solution questionnaires and resources to help understand and evaluate EV charging choices. The new website offers special charging solutions that are only available to its residents and businesses.

    For the average first-time EV owners, plugging in to a charger seems simple enough but not all chargers are equal. Some chargers can be installed simply by plugging into a standard wall outlet, while others require a custom installation. Then there is the question of speed. How quickly will you need to charge your vehicle; overnight, within a few hours or minutes?

    For business owners wading into the EV world, there are even more options. Will the EV charging stations be used to charge an EV fleet for business use, to support employees and to attract customers? Choosing the best EV charging station for business use can be a formidable undertaking.

    To understand and analyze the maze of information on EV charging stations, Peachtree Corners city leaders worked with Hubject, an international company promoting emission-free mobility, to issue a request for proposals from electric vehicle supply equipment manufacturers. Through this proposal, the city received responses from 23 electric vehicle charging companies from across the globe. Through this process, the city and Hubject are now able to offer useful information and discounted pricing on charging infrastructure via a dedicated website for its residents and businesses.

    “Electric vehicle charging is an important aspect of EV ownership,” said Assistant City Manager Brandon Branham. “The website provides a guide with step-by-step guides that cover all key issues for both residential and business use.”

    Recognizing the continued popularity of electric vehicles, last fall the city introduced its 16-vehicle charging plaza located at the Town Center. The plaza is the second largest in the state with 12 Tesla V3 Superchargers, two 350 kW chargers and two 15 kW chargers.

    “We are pleased to be able to offer this information to our residents and businesses,” said Mayor Mike Mason. “We continue to strive to live up to the city’s tagline, ‘Innovative and Remarkable’ by offering beneficial technology solutions and opportunities.”

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