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    Good Samaritan Health Center of Gwinnett

    Providing quality and affordable primary healthcare and dental services 



    We offer general medical and dental services for the poor and uninsured.  We aim to meet the physical, mental, and spiritual needs of all our patients.   Good Samaritan's goals include:

    • Provide quality low-cost primary healthcare and dental services to the uninsured in order to eliminate health disparities for poor and uninsured populations.  

    • Decrease the demand of the uninsured for non-emergent medical services on the emergency room in order to help reduce the cost of indigent care on the public healthcare delivery system. 

    • Provide a venue for matriculating future medical professionals to advance their educational goals while serving the poor of our community in order to help disadvantaged students prepare for employment in the health and dental fields. 



    Rainbow Village

    Transforming the lives of families experiencing homelessness

    Rainbow Village Programs focus on the Bridge to Self-Sufficiency.  Homelessness is a traumatic event, and healing requires both guidance and time. Our programs are each tailored to meet the needs of our residents throughout their journey.

    The ASPIRE program provides safe, stable housing for families experiencing homelessness for up to two years. 

    The THRIVE Alumni Program provides an additional three years of support to families after completing the ASPIRE program.

    The ACADEMY Academic Enrichment and After school program provides support for children of ASPIRE and THRIVE participants.



    Corners Outreach

    Non-Profit Equipping Atlanta's under served students of color and their families to lead full lives though educational development and economic opportunities

    Corners Outreach offers Three Paths to Impact our Community:  Volunteering, Donating and Becoming a Customer.  All three paths change lives. 

    These paths are accomplished through

    Corners Academy (Early Learning, Elementary Tutoring, Teen Development);

    Workforce Development (Basic Needs, Life Skills, Job Skills, Educational Advancement);

    Family Engagement (Adult workshops, Food Assistance, Health Services); and

    Corners Industries & Staffing (Sustainable Living Wage, Career Advancement Certification). 

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