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  • Corners Outreach Provides Much needed Services for Families in Gwinnett

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:                                                                                                                          March 8, 2024
    Sara Kellum
    Corners Outreach

                         Corners Outreach Provides Much Needed Services for Families in Gwinnett
                     Corners Outreach utilizes six acre facility to expand services to at-risk families

    Norcross, GA - On March 14, Corners Outreach, a community non-profit will celebrate the opening of its new
    facility located in Norcross, Georgia. The United Way of Greater Atlanta’s recent Child Well-Being report. states,

    “Gwinnett is the county with the most at-risk census tracts in Greater Atlanta (22/79) comprising 28% of the
    total communities at risk in the region.”

    “We started Corners Outreach 11 years ago to walk alongside families experiencing poverty in our community,”
    said Corners Outreach CEO, Larry Campbell. “The population of Norcross, Duluth, and other surrounding cities
    is over 65% Black, Latino, and other people of color, making this area one of the most diverse counties in the nation.
    We provide services that affirm every individual's potential, regardless of background. Our new community
    center enables us to provide much needed tutoring, early learning classes, high school mentorship and
    GED classes, workforce and staffing, lawn care jobs, and more in a way that honors Gwinnett County’s
    diverse cultures.”

    Corners Outreach utilizes a multigeneration approach to helping families rise out of poverty. It has empowered
    students since 2012 through Corners Academy, an afterschool and summer learning enrichment program.
    The community center, located in Gwinnett County Public Schools’ Meadowcreek cluster, is poised to increase
    the number of K-12 grade students in the Academy from 700 to 1,100.  Additionally, Corners' commitment to
    offering dual language learning bolsters the reading and math proficiency of the over 75% Latino children
    hat participate in its programs.

    Corners Industries, launched in 2018 and Corners Workforce and Staffing, launched in 2021
    underscore the organization's commitment to uplifting families. By offering parents of Corners’
    students and community members access to stable, living wage employment, the organization not only
    fosters economic stability but also a sense of purpose and dignity. In 2023, approximately $5,000,000 in
    wages were disbursed or earned through the Industries and Staffing initiatives, enabling socioeconomic
    mobility, and breaking generational poverty cycles.

    The Norcross facility will promote increased service integration in Gwinnett County allowing the
    organization to increase its impact on communities in most need of support and transformative change.

    Corners Outreach is a 501(c)(3) organization providing educational enrichment, workforce development,
    and employment opportunities to support its mission of equipping Metro Atlanta's underserved students
    of color and their families to lead full lives through educational development and economic opportunities.
    We work closely with community partners to serve families through a holistic approach. To learn more
    about us, please visit our website at www.cornersoutreach.org

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